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Sigma is a search tool designed to allow you to quickly view the vast amount of information in the pharmaceutical landscape from the viewpoint that makes the most sense for you. We aggregate data from the full range of public domain resources and map relationships between investigators, diseases, drugs, sites, trials, MOAs, and industry news. Our clickable visual index allows industry experts to quickly view the data from a variety of different perspectives, or dig deeper into the results. Whether you work for brand marketing, a CRO, or a CI Team, Sigma enables to easily discover the information relevant to your needs.

Information in the public domain is often subject to variations in format that make easy comparison difficult. Our algorithms bring together disparate sources into a searchable database. As a result, a search in Sigma returns relevant results that other search tools (like might not. Key to each of the search features in Sigma are the construction of back-end ontologies that define disease, product and company association for each.

Sigma, unlike our flagship Delta platform, features a self-service model, perfect for ever-changing competitive intelligence or industry research needs. The interface is designed to be simple, but powerful.

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